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Welcome to Lithorama – your serene wellness sanctuary in the heart of Thasos

Explore Lithorama Boutique Suites, a charming family-run retreat located in Skala Potamias in the scenic northeast of Thasos. It’s an ideal getaway for relaxation and creating unforgettable memories in a serene natural setting.

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Discover the Charm of Lithorama

At Lithorama Boutique Suites, we don’t just treat you as a guest; we welcome you as a cherished friend. Our devoted team will warmly greet you and ensure you feel at home. Experience the renowned Greek hospitality at its finest, tailored exclusively to your desires and requirements.

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Our Rooms

Our five spacious maisonette suites on two floors with open galleries offer a nature-inspired ambiance. Each suite has a comfortable bedroom with a cozy bed on the lower level and is named after notable personalities connected to Greece. The Otto Rehhagel Suite, also accessible for people with disabilities, is named after the former coach of the Greek national team. Natural materials, such as natural stone and warm colors, create a relaxing atmosphere that harmonizes with the surroundings.

Golden Beach, Skala Potamias, Thasos

A Dream Location

Get ready to be enchanted by the breathtaking “Golden Beach” near Lithorama, a true gem of Thasos island! This 2.8 km long natural wonder boasts fine, golden sand and mesmerizingly crystal-clear, turquoise waters. Indulge in the pristine atmosphere, perfect for unwinding, swimming, and daydreaming. It’s a paradise just waiting to be explored, whether by foot or by car.

Besides the stunning coastline, the nearby Ypsarion Mountain provides amazing hiking opportunities and breathtaking views of the island’s beautiful scenery. Explore the varied natural beauty and have an unforgettable vacation full of exciting contrasts!

Skala Potamias, Thasos

Getting There

To reach Lithorama, you have two options for your initial flight: Thessaloniki or Kavala Airport. From either of these arrival points, you’ll find various transportation methods to the island of Thasos and our retreat.

Once on Thasos, make your way to the coastal village of Skala Potamias. From here, your journey takes an enchanting turn. A charmingly rugged path leads you from the village to our hidden gem, Lithorama. This short but adventurous route not only adds a touch of excitement to your arrival but also serves as a perfect prelude to the extraordinary natural experiences that await you at our retreat.

Complete Relaxation

Sea View Rooms

Air-conditioned Maisonette Suites with Smart TV, Safe & Rooms with Sea View

Panorama Swimming Pool

Outdoor Pool with Panoramic View of the “Golden Beach”

Sea View Cocktail Bar

Cozy Cocktail Bar with Sea View Terrace

Breakfast Buffet

Rich Breakfast Buffet with Regional Specialties

Free Parking

Free Parking Directly at the Accommodation

Free WiFi

Hotspot for Free WiFi Usage

True-to-Life Vacation Memories

What you should know about Thasos

Voted among the 20 best destinations to visit in Europe, Thasos is a true natural gem in the northern Aegean. Whether you want to explore the island on foot, by car, or by boat, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking landscapes and picturesque views.

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Thasos Summers – Sunshine, Beaches, and Sea

Enjoy the Golden Beach – one of Greece’s most beautiful stretches of sand, with fine golden grains and crystal clear waters. After a day of swimming, snorkeling, or water sports, the evening finds you relaxing with cool drinks just steps from the sea.

Ypsarion Mountain, Thasos

Spring in Thasos – Hiking and Embracing Nature

From March through May, the area around our lodging on Thasos becomes a hiker’s paradise. You can climb to the breathtaking 1,204-meter summit of Mount Ypsario for sweeping views over the island and the Aegean Sea. Let the invigorating scents of wild herbs and vibrant blooms cast their spell on you.

Olive Trees, Thasos

Fall on Thasos – Tradition and Indulgence

From October through November, the island provides a glimpse into traditional practices, including the meticulous harvesting of olives and the production of “PGI Thassos Olive Oil” in the island’s mills. Visitors can also enjoy guided herb walks through the aromatic hills, where wild herbs like thyme and sage flourish.

Book Your Perfect Thasos Getaway Today

Start planning your amazing Thasos getaway today! Our friendly team is here to help with bookings or travel tips. Check out our retreat’s unique suites and get ready for a stay full of relaxation and adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are the Lithorama Boutique Suites located?

    Lithorama Boutique Suites are situated in Skala Potamias, in the picturesque northeast of the island of Thasos, Greece.

  2. How can I get to the accommodation?

    To reach our cozy lodging, you’ll first fly into either Thessaloniki or Kavala airports. After that, continue your adventure to Thasos Island by renting a car and taking the ferry. Lithorama is just a short, 20-minute drive from the port.

  3. How many rooms are available?

    Lithorama offers five spacious maisonette suites on two floors with an open gallery. Each suite features a comfortable bedroom with natural materials such as natural stones and warm color tones.

  4. Are there accessible guest rooms?

    Yes, the Otto Rehhagel Suite is specifically equipped for guests with limited mobility.

  5. How do I book a room on your website?

    Please select your desired suite and open the booking form. Please enter your personal details, desired travel dates, and number of guests. After confirming the privacy policy, your reservation request will be submitted to us. We will promptly follow up with you to confirm all the details.

  6. Is Lithorama a hotel?

    No, Lithorama isn’t a hotel. It’s a charming, family-run retreat with boutique suites in Skala Potamias on the beautiful island of Thasos. You’ll love the cozy and personalized atmosphere we offer.

  7. Are children welcome at Lithorama?

    Yes, children are warmly welcome! We are excited to host guests of all ages. Our comfortable and spacious suites provide plenty of room for families to relax and feel right at home.

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